There's No More Room In Hell
Well, it's been a hell of a long time since I've posted anything, but I think finding out that me and my wife will be parents in May next year kind of made everything else grind to a halt!!
Old school!!! 08/28/2011
Having developed a real emnity for the current GW "shit on the regulars" ethos and horrified at their make it up as you go along pricing, I've decided to turn my back on 8th edition (and any new ones thank you very much). Having seen an awful lot of lovely old school armies spring up lately, and finding some very old White Dwarf magazines that I picked up somewhere along the line, I made the decision to try out WHFB 3rd edition, regarded by many to be the best of the bunch. I started playing WHFB at the arse end of the 4th edition, just a couple of games with friends using their rules and minis, and I remember looking through their white dwarfs and other books, drooling over the eavy metal pages and wishing there was a GW store in Ireland, as my local model shop only had a small selection, and never what I was looking for.
I didn't have to wait long, as GW took only two months to force the local shop  out of business and open their own "hobby centre" right around the corner from  the old place. My young self was delighted, now I could get all the models I'd  drooled over! No, no I couldn't. For a start, I found out that they didn't make
those models anymore, because they had cool new versions out, and going the mail  order route was a no go, because for some reason my pocket money didn't stretch  as far in their shop as it had in the indy store, but I was young, the staff  seemed the same mental age as me, and everything was bright and shiny, so I kept with it, and many years later while in art college, I ended up a staff member myself (lasted around 11 months before the constant bullshit got too  much).
Fast forward to today, and you find a married man who is a  lot less cavalier about what he spends his money on, and with a much more  developed bullshit detector, so the end of the GW affair was looming large on  the horizon, and "Finecast" was the final nail in the coffin. 
Anyway, a quick trip to Amazon, and the core rules and armies  book is winging its way to the in laws in Yorkshire (bastard wouldn't post to  Ireland), so soon enough I should be playing the games my eleven year old self  always dreamed of! Lets hope it's worth the wait, eh?

First Post! 08/27/2011
Right, here we go! I've decided to start this to keep me motivated in my miniature painting, and to use as a soap box to rage against how shit horror films (and films in general) have become, as well as praising my favourites, but be warned, I'm fairly blunt, I swear like a docker, and  the most generous description of my cinematic taste so far has been "none", so sit back, relax, and think happy thoughts, hopefully you'll at least be entertained!!
Here's something to get you in the mood.....

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